Sano and Holst


Horst and Sano are an important and well loved couple in Dawncleft. Their skills are always in high demand and their unique relationship is well known.

Horst is a female dwarf whose traps, gadgets, and strange devices have earned a place of respect and infamy. When not tinkering or working, she will often trade jovial (and suggestive) jibes with her neighbors and play various games of strategy.

Sano, on the other hand, is a very skilled hunter and trapper who often leads the main parties to take down the larger prey. He is, unusually, an elf that has laid down roots and only leaves the village to hunt or scout. He enjoys games of chance with the local group of rogues and rascals.

Together, the two openly trade affectionate jibes and romantic poems. While they have not produced a child yet, they openly hope to, though with offhanded jokes. The village refers to them as the “Pair of Jesters” or the “Wild Cards”.

Sano and Holst

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