“Freedom is the only true path to salvation and mutual survival.”
– Ptala

Ptala is a powerful figure within the community, as one of its founding members. She is also notable in being an open and powerful practitioner of both Wizardry and the Way. She has declared herself a Preserver, a Wizard sworn to never Defile to power her magic and to never tolerate Defiling. She leads the community Council, but does not have final say on that Council.

About every 20-40 years, Ptala and Janis leave the village on a sabbatical for some months. Each time they return with a few more freed slaves that have agreed to join the secluded community. Every new member has some sort of skill to contribute as well, which has greatly benefited Dawncleft over the centuries.

Ptala is an openly kind and practical person, which shows in every bit of work, conversation, and action. She is as dedicated to her wife, Janis, as Janis is to her, which is a source of pride for many veteran members of the community. She does have her hard, merciless side. It has been seen in the killing of outsiders or raiders hapless enough to stumble upon the village. It has also been seen in the few times a Defiler has been discovered in the village. Those found and proven to have Defiled are the few who receive no trial before execution by her hand.

Ptala appears human, but has never aged in the over 300 years she has lead the community. When asked, she simply says that she is Elan, but will not or can not explain further. She often assists with tasks in the village, from gardening to hunting to menial labor. When not assisting or talking with member of the community, she is often with Janis, in her Laboratory, or in lessons with her apprentices.


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