Janis is a woman of few words, more able to say more with a look than many can say with a dozen words. She is also a druid bonded to the deadly nature of the desert, which has allowed her to aid the village in times a great need. When speaking of her past, she explains that she was born in the desert and for the desert but that she still holds true to the needs of the Builders (her word for ‘civilized’ folk).

While Janis is seen often in the village, she prefers the sand and wind on her skin than cool shade. She wanders nearly as much as the village merchant, and acts to warn of distant dangers when she can.

Janis very much lives in two worlds. In the desert, she focused and relaxed, a master of her element. In the village or a city, she refers to those to know the ways of cities, such as Caedny or Ptala. She is also willing to listen to those who need to voice some bother or concern, which has greatly endeared her to most in the village.


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