Dark Sun - Dawn of Heroes

Scouts of the Horde

Continuing the journey to Tyr, the team is chased and then confronted by a well organised team of raiders claiming to serve a Warlord. The raiders reveal that the Warlord knows they carry the Crucible and will stop at nothing to claim it. An offer of parlay and trade is made and swiftly rebuffed, ending with the team victorious.

Total XP 1200 (16,200)

1 MW Permenant Iron Wood Club
2 MW Bone Halberd
1 MW Composite Longbow (Str +1)
2 Bone Lamellar Armor
1 Bone Studded Leather Armor
1 MW Permenant Iron Wood Wooden Armor (full suit)

8 Unknown Potions

300 CP in Small Trade Goods


Telriche Telriche

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