Olit (Iltia)


Known by locals as an Olit, the animal seen only in the mountains and catacombs near Dawncleft. an Olit is a long bodied mammal the size of a small dog with an expressive feline face. The creature has a sort of flowing prehensile fur that it can use to create very artistic patterns on its body. The Iltias is able to change its fur color, albiet slowly and only in large patches. The animal also has a scent gland, which produces different perfumes and scents based on its mood. An Iltias in a good or playful mood produces a pleasant musk similar to some blooming flowers.

The cunning creature hunts small game using its ability to swiftly glide through loose earth and sand. While it can borrow through hardened earth and stone as well, it does so more slowly than its gliding. It appears to do this by using its fur and snake-like body to almost swim through the substance.

In combat against larger foes, it prefers to either flee into its element or use its scent gland to repel the attacker. While it has small claws and a surprisingly powerful jaw, it is not a serious threat to most attackers on Athas.

The creatures act somewhat intelligent and cunning, some speculate even fully sapient, and is very curious and inquisitive. They are generally friendly to most humanoid races, except the kreen, as long as they are not mistreated. They are also very receptive to gifts of food, jewelry, or shiny baubles. They have occasionally shown evidence of varying psionic abilities, depending on individual.

Olit (Iltia)

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