Gorv would be the first to say that he has had a long hard life, filled with many tests of his character and resolve. Many of those occured in the Arena, a time that still troubles him. Despite those many tests, he came out a powerful and well known Arena champion still spoken of today as “Gorv the Unrelenting”. He escaped that life gladly, though, and now resides in the Hidden Village as the proud leader of the Town Guard.

Gorv has learned how to put his time as master of blood sport to use in combat. He is a terrifying sight to behold once armed with his obsidian shard blade. He will often stand out as a major threat while his allies route and slay opponents, gladly sharing the glory of the fight.

When not on duty as Guard Captain, he also works on the Council and keeps an active hand on law making as well. He is a strong proponent of a simple, flexible justice system. He is also known for his own private brews of strong spirits.


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