Dawncleft - The Hidden Village


Known to the outside world as the Hidden Village, Dawncleft is a place populated solely by freed slaves or the descendants of freed slaves. Ptala and Janis are primarily responsible for freeing each new member not born in the village as well as being some of the original founding members. The village itself, inspite of its size, is culturally and racially diverse. Even Pterrans, Aarakocra, and Gith call the village home.

Every adult member of the village both works and may have a say in the village council, though representation has been delegated to certain chosen leaders over the decades. Despite the delegates, when there is a serious vote (such as a trial for major crimes or major policy changes), everyone is required to participate and hear the full issue as well as vote.

Caedny and Morv have become the major administrators for day to day activities in the village. Morc has taken to handling law, disputes, and punishments, while Caedny handles much of the organization, distribution, and construction. Serious crime is rare in the small village, as the punishments for them are harsh and swift, even in Dawncleft.

The village is built into a hollowed out river canyon cliff-face, with its farms, cattle, and most of its wells in the canyon valley bed. A steady supply of water is found in the underground river that still flows underneath the canyon. The river has created extensive catacombs, which the village has expanded into.

The growth of the village from new births and freed slaves has steadily increased its population to around 400. Due to its resources, the village exists in a state of plenty. It also has a steady export of turquoise, fine rugs (from Holst), and pelts (from Sano’s hunting parties).

Dawncleft - The Hidden Village

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