Caedny has been a part of Dawncleft for a long time. When he was a very young man, he came back with Ptala and Jaris from their earlier rescues. All he will say of that time was that while he was not a slave in chains, he was a slave in many other ways.

Caedny is a very well educated man, a true trained scholar and seeker of knowledge. He now acts as the chief lorekeeper of the village as well as a teacher. He is personally responsible for the high rate of literacy in the Hidden Village. When brought a new relic from the past or a bit of ancient writing he takes to its study like a thirsty man to a sparkling spring.

He has become a wise teacher, and enjoys the role. He is always gentle with his great intellect and encourages a student to think for themselves rather than rely on someone else to hand them knowledge. He is also very generous with his alchemical mixtures and will not hesitate to donate an armful of potions to a task.

He has, of late, also become rather distracted, distant, or easily lost in thought which is worrying those close to him.


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