Dark Sun - Dawn of Heroes

Fitting In and Standing Out

New allies and secretive cabals reveal themselves to the party, granting further resources and complications to the group. What have these new powerhouses in store for the group on their quest?

Rewards: 1200 XP each

Life in the Big City

Making good time and arriving at Tyr, the group entered by posing as merchants and agreeing to a favor at a later time for one of the more enterprising city officials. While taking in the sights, including the significant damage wrought from the huge quake, the party gathered their loot and some information went to various vendors.
While selling goods at a House stall, one of the party noticed a merchant closing up shop was taking unusual interest in their dealings. When he went to confront the merchant, he was gone and apparently was not the merchant for the stall he was “closing”.
Sylvie also discovered that the mysterious blue gem found in the model city was in fact a Pearl of Power of significant worth.

3300 Experience Each

Scouts of the Horde

Continuing the journey to Tyr, the team is chased and then confronted by a well organised team of raiders claiming to serve a Warlord. The raiders reveal that the Warlord knows they carry the Crucible and will stop at nothing to claim it. An offer of parlay and trade is made and swiftly rebuffed, ending with the team victorious.

Total XP 1200 (16,200)

1 MW Permenant Iron Wood Club
2 MW Bone Halberd
1 MW Composite Longbow (Str +1)
2 Bone Lamellar Armor
1 Bone Studded Leather Armor
1 MW Permenant Iron Wood Wooden Armor (full suit)

8 Unknown Potions

300 CP in Small Trade Goods

The Valley of the Shadow of Death

Leaving from their troubled village, the team travels through the wastes to Tyr in order to find a wily Alchemist capable of curing the Id disease, helping Caedny, maybe helping the village with its new water shortage. and possibly helping identify the nature of the Crucible. On that journey, they have encountered many desert predators.
However, they have also encountered a people from another plane and creatures chasing them. Those creatures have been revealed to be servants of those known as the Dark Dreamers. While the team has new allies, the nature of this new force leaves them with a strong sense of disquiet.

Total XP 5400 (15,000, Everyone should be Level 5)

Loot 1235 CP in Small Trade Goods

Future Imperfect

Delving into the final depths of the ruins, the party discovers an ancient thinking tool of the Nature Masters. The tool is protecting the Crucible, a powerful artifact of the war between the Nature Master and Nature Benders. The party parleys with the tool and the tool agrees to allow access so long as they agree to a mental block. Now the group is heading back from their adventure richer and wiser. What secrets does the Crucible hold? Is it only the water and plague as the tool says?


Experience Total 1750 (9600, Everyone should be level 4)

900 CP of Small Trade Goods

Mysteries of the Past

Entering the ruins with a time piece given to them by Sano, the vanguard of three made a good pace through the ruins. Working out several mysteries of the strange mechanisms in the ruins, they found a trove of old artifacts, like a music box, an organic psychic sword and a glowing sapphire. They also found dangerous traps and foes: Undead halfling skeletons still haunt the place, along with some other strange plant monsters. They forged on despite the odds and obsticles and have explored much of the ruins, but more questions and mysteries yet remain.


Experience Total: 1250 experience earned each

2 Bone short swords
1 Bone long sword
1 Mysterious organic sword (psionic properties)
1 Psionic Music Box with metal inlay
1 Glowing Sapphire Icosahedron
1 Model Building “removed” from a City model
Small trading goods worth 250 CP (50 CP each)

Lost and Found

While a tiny raider made off with rat food earlier in the day, the journey continued well. That is until the party was ambush by a Dust Digger.


Total Experience: 600

Small Trade Good Value: 30 CP (6 CP each)

1 Small Furry Companion

Travel to the Ruins

After Ptala talked with the party privately and explained the reasons they are being sent as well as that Sano is going with them. Afterwards, they went to Sano and Holst’s house. Holst gave them a warm, if cheeky welcome. Sano answered questions about the ruins as well as a number no one asked.
Gathering together their gear for travel, the group began their three day journey to the ruins the next morning. They were later ambushed by Gith warriors, whom they slew to the man. All in all, a productive day.

Session XP 700 (1000 XP total)

5 suits of Leather armor
5 Bone Long Swords
2 Bone Long Bows
5 Bone Daggers
6 Ceramic Pieces, 4 Ceramic Bits, 2 Lead Beads Worth of Light Trade Goods (1 CP, 7 LB each)
5 Days of Water
5 Days of Rations (Not Counting the Bodies)
10 Bags of Bone Caltrops (2 bags used up by Gith stepping over them)

(1 Water Pot, Courtesy of Ahlan, Given to Lost/Old Bastard)

Introduction to Dark Sun

After recovering from a destructive Tyr Storm, a scout named Sano discovers an ancient ruin has been uncovered in the Sand Wastes. The Hidden Village has a number of ‘volunteers’ that it has chosen to investigate these potentially dangerous ruins.

Session XP 300 (Total Earned 300 XP)

1 Cure Light Wounds Potion Each (6 Total)
1 Cure Moderate Wounds Potion

(Holt Gained 1 Cure Light Wounds Potion and 1 Unknown Potion)

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