Dark Sun - Dawn of Heroes

Travel to the Ruins

After Ptala talked with the party privately and explained the reasons they are being sent as well as that Sano is going with them. Afterwards, they went to Sano and Holst’s house. Holst gave them a warm, if cheeky welcome. Sano answered questions about the ruins as well as a number no one asked.
Gathering together their gear for travel, the group began their three day journey to the ruins the next morning. They were later ambushed by Gith warriors, whom they slew to the man. All in all, a productive day.

Session XP 700 (1000 XP total)

5 suits of Leather armor
5 Bone Long Swords
2 Bone Long Bows
5 Bone Daggers
6 Ceramic Pieces, 4 Ceramic Bits, 2 Lead Beads Worth of Light Trade Goods (1 CP, 7 LB each)
5 Days of Water
5 Days of Rations (Not Counting the Bodies)
10 Bags of Bone Caltrops (2 bags used up by Gith stepping over them)

(1 Water Pot, Courtesy of Ahlan, Given to Lost/Old Bastard)


Telriche Telriche

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