Dark Sun - Dawn of Heroes

Mysteries of the Past

Entering the ruins with a time piece given to them by Sano, the vanguard of three made a good pace through the ruins. Working out several mysteries of the strange mechanisms in the ruins, they found a trove of old artifacts, like a music box, an organic psychic sword and a glowing sapphire. They also found dangerous traps and foes: Undead halfling skeletons still haunt the place, along with some other strange plant monsters. They forged on despite the odds and obsticles and have explored much of the ruins, but more questions and mysteries yet remain.


Experience Total: 1250 experience earned each

2 Bone short swords
1 Bone long sword
1 Mysterious organic sword (psionic properties)
1 Psionic Music Box with metal inlay
1 Glowing Sapphire Icosahedron
1 Model Building “removed” from a City model
Small trading goods worth 250 CP (50 CP each)


Telriche Telriche

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