Dark Sun – Dawn of Heroes


Set in the world of Dark Sun, this is a campaign that follows the traditions of previous Dark Sun campaigns of heroes and anti-heroes beating the harsh odds in a world on the edge of total extinction.

Known to outsiders as the Hidden Village, Dawncleft is a remote village with many secrets. Inhabited by former slaves and the descendants of slaves, it is a sequestered community that values its privacy. It is at the same time a melting pot of races, cultures, and talents that has served Dawncleft well.

Founded and led by Ptala, a Preserver with power in spell and psionics, as well as her wife Janis, a wise Druidess, Dawncleft has prospered for the last three hundred years under their guidance. Now, the revolution and current steady leadership in Tyr has brought hope to the two liberators that the outside world might finally see wisdom and seek freedom.

However, a large storm now passes over Dawncleft and what it will reveal might just shatter the peaceful lives the people of the Hidden Village have begun to take for granted.

Interactive Dark Sun Map

Dark Sun - Dawn of Heroes

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